Week 1 (Officially)- Swim, Bike(Spin), Swim, Race a 10k.

I’m not really sure when I would count my official training start date. I’ve done spin class- which is all I can do right now because I do not yet own my own bike- twice a week for the last two weeks and have swam a few times(ok twice 🙂 ), and have ran once or twice.

So just to give me an official start day it was Monday- which called for a rest day! Easy enough as I was wicked tired from L and I’s weekend in Grand Lake!

Last night I headed to the pool at 830pm to get in my 10-50’s with 45sec rest in between each 50. When I got in as I was putting on my googles and had started my first 50 I decided I was going to swim a total of 750. So my totally awesome nighttime-in the pool thinking mentally calculated 13 50’s to equal a 750. Yeah clearly I wasn’t all there last night… Here is my mental thinking while I swam. “I swam 1, 2, 3, 4/5??… wait how many 50’s was that. That woman got out of the lane just a few mins ago; while she was in here I swam three, or was it two, it was three 50’s and then two? more since then. Ok. So I’m at 5. How many did I need to swim to get 750. 12-no that’s not right 13 yeah 13. 4,5,6,7,almost done!,8,9 Wow that flip turn I sucked in water-reminds me of racing in HS. Wait a second… 12×5=60 so 13 is only 750. Whatever it’s only my second swim of the week and I still am going to do 3 more than I had planned. Next time…. 10,11, jesus I’m tired! 12,13 thank god I’m done!”

So I’m thinking that this is only week one-things can only get better right?!


Week 1 Day 2- Biking aka Spin class right now

My Ragnar Captain Marcella joined me at spin class today! I pushed myself but I’m still not sure what my 6, 7, 8 PE is… Still working on that one. 10 mins in we were climbing and I was pouring sweat- so I must’ve been doing something right.

After 45mins of spin I went and ran around the track for half a mile just to get the feel of biking and then immediately running. If I had done a longer run I think I could consider it as my first brick workout. Mar’s pace is so quick so it was tough to keep up for more than .5 mile.

I have a 10k race on saturday so I won’t be running the rest of the week. I will still be doing my swim workout on Friday!