Week 9, Day 1 and 2

So I totally have stunk at working out and posting on here!!! Trying to get back into the groove of things!

Last week I skipped swimming Tuesday evening. It was our first snow and was icy cold outside. A good excuse that night. But with winter approaching not a very valid excuse. The roads weren’t that bad…

I swam Wednesday. I felt lazy so getting in the pool was almost a struggle. But I just did it. I am glad I just did it!!! It was time to focus on swimming 750yards non stop! I did it!! 16:45 was my total time. I did a quick 50yd warm down and that was that.

Thursday I have yet to run or do anything on this day. I considered going to the gym to do something because Liam and I were stuck at home all day. He was sick Wednesday afternoon at school so I chose for us to stay home. I ended up not doing anything though 😦

Friday I swam again. This time 750 yards in 15:15. I think I may have missed a 50 in there. I got a little confused at 350/400 yards and then again at 600/650. But eh either way 15:15 is better than 16:45!

This weekend I didn’t go out. We have had weather in the low 1-5* range up to 35*. A little chilly for a bike ride and too lazy to bundle up.

I am hoping for a no excuses winter of running. All up to me and I’m the only one that can do that!!!

That’s all for week 9!


Week 6, Day 1

I ran a half marathon yesterday(10/19). Oh boy am I sore!!! The race went sooo well!

I decided to start off with the 2:30 pace group. Another mom from MRTT was there and we decided start together. She was running naked so she stuck with me because I had my garmin. The first mile was 13:45 which made no sense because the wrist band they gave me said 11:41 or something like that. That was too slow for us so we went ahead of the 2:30 pace group. We ended up staying ahead of the group the entire race.


The 1/2 wiped me out last week. So tired. I swam twice and that’s it!

Anyways the 1/2 went mostly well. I had the need to use the potty while I was running, on-and-off, throughout the race from mile 4/5 to the finish. I would see the port-o-john and have no urgent need to go… I was going to PR and I wasn’t going to make a trip to the potty the reason why I didn’t PR.

I think ended up getting a stomach bug… or maybe I was dehydrated. I hydrated decently well during the race. But not so much the days leading up to the race. (Something I am going to get better at!)

Anyways without going into too much TMI it sucked for hours after the race. I am deemed the RDD AKA Race Day Driver. I am usually the most comfortable out of the three or four of us to drive downtown or where the race location is. I was feeling so awful I almost made my mom drive D8 ! Hehe but I drove and used the restaurant bathroom 3-4 times in the 35 mins we were there and continued to need to use our house potty the moment the urge came… blah!!! But we had mexican for dinner and I was feeling fine after that 🙂 SORRY for the TMI!!! But it happened and it’s important I write about it so when I am looking back and rereading this stuff I can laugh at myself and learn how to do things differently!

Next race is scheduled for 11/8 and 11/15 then I think I am race free until April/May/June!