Week 1, Day 3!

Week 1, Day 3

I had no issues getting in the pool at 8am this morning after I dropped L off at daycare. In fact I was very excited to hop in… I may or may not have signed up for the Boulder Half Ironman in June 2015 last night…. Oops 😉

I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to hop in! I know these days won’t happen often so I am going to take advantage of the days when I want to hop right on in.

I did my 15 50’s :30 rest after each 50, for a total of 750yds. It took about 24mins. I was averaging 55 sec 50’s which feel slow but my arms still feel like logs in the pool. Hoping the next few weeks things start to feel good. No more log arms 🙂


267 Days to Go!



Week 1 (Officially)- Swim, Bike(Spin), Swim, Race a 10k.

I’m not really sure when I would count my official training start date. I’ve done spin class- which is all I can do right now because I do not yet own my own bike- twice a week for the last two weeks and have swam a few times(ok twice 🙂 ), and have ran once or twice.

So just to give me an official start day it was Monday- which called for a rest day! Easy enough as I was wicked tired from L and I’s weekend in Grand Lake!

Last night I headed to the pool at 830pm to get in my 10-50’s with 45sec rest in between each 50. When I got in as I was putting on my googles and had started my first 50 I decided I was going to swim a total of 750. So my totally awesome nighttime-in the pool thinking mentally calculated 13 50’s to equal a 750. Yeah clearly I wasn’t all there last night… Here is my mental thinking while I swam. “I swam 1, 2, 3, 4/5??… wait how many 50’s was that. That woman got out of the lane just a few mins ago; while she was in here I swam three, or was it two, it was three 50’s and then two? more since then. Ok. So I’m at 5. How many did I need to swim to get 750. 12-no that’s not right 13 yeah 13. 4,5,6,7,almost done!,8,9 Wow that flip turn I sucked in water-reminds me of racing in HS. Wait a second… 12×5=60 so 13 is only 750. Whatever it’s only my second swim of the week and I still am going to do 3 more than I had planned. Next time…. 10,11, jesus I’m tired! 12,13 thank god I’m done!”

So I’m thinking that this is only week one-things can only get better right?!

Week 1 Day 2- Biking aka Spin class right now

My Ragnar Captain Marcella joined me at spin class today! I pushed myself but I’m still not sure what my 6, 7, 8 PE is… Still working on that one. 10 mins in we were climbing and I was pouring sweat- so I must’ve been doing something right.

After 45mins of spin I went and ran around the track for half a mile just to get the feel of biking and then immediately running. If I had done a longer run I think I could consider it as my first brick workout. Mar’s pace is so quick so it was tough to keep up for more than .5 mile.

I have a 10k race on saturday so I won’t be running the rest of the week. I will still be doing my swim workout on Friday!