Week 4, Day 5

I mentioned in my last post what a doozy this day was.

I decided it would be the greatest idea EVER to bike to L’s gymnastics class. It’s 6 miles one way. Should be no big deal, right?

WRONG!!!! Well not exactly wrong we’ll definitely bike to gymnastics again but maybe be better prepared.

We started off and everything was GREAT! We were about 2.5 miles in and had just finished a downhill ride. I crossed the street ready to head up a big hill and it sounding like something was rubbing against one of the tires… I better prepared and more knowledgable rider might know exactly what this sound is. I surely didn’t. I stopped looked behind me and didn’t think there was anything rubbing on the tires (that I could see). I started up the hill but stopped half way up. That noise can’t be good what’s going on? A big ole flat tire! ! NOOOOO!

Two options or three(this is all I could think of): We turn around and ride alllll the way up the big hill we just came down and not go to gymnastics. We had to go to gymnastics, we can’t skip! Ok so we could go into wal-mart, bike and ALL(No bike lock) to get a bike pump (And maybe a new tube? I have no idea how to change a tire… Doesn’t sound easy or fun or a way to get us to the gym in time). Ok go across the street and go to Lowe’s and see if they have an air compressor we can borrow… Across the parking lot is Endurance House. But they don’t open until 10. Gymnastics starts at 930; time is now 9:05. Crap. Lowe’s didn’t have an air compressor but they did have a bike pump I could buy… HAHA Just kidding they had one in the computer but none on the shelf. Well ok what do I do now? Lowe’s employee says go to gas station and use their air!

Great idea! Off we go. Time is now 9:15. CRAP CRAP CRAP. Liam is being awesome right now! He wants to hop back on the bike and go to the coffee shop like I promised we would. Gas station air worked and pumped up the tires but before we were even 1 mile down the road the tire was flat again. But alas there is another gas station. More air in the tire. Time is now 9:30. Too close now. We must hurry and get there- we have a flat we need a new tube. BUT we need to get to gymnastics NOW!

Off we go flat tire and all. Terrified now that I am going to have buy a new rim for the WeeHoo. How expensive will that be? Dang it maybe we should’ve just turned around? Almost there!

9:45 we made it to the gym! Hurry off the bike into gymnastics class.

10:15 class is done. On the phone- call one of the grandma’s. She dropped a tube off around 11:20am. A totally awesome maintenance guy fixed the tube and off we went about 12:20. To the coffee shop for breakfast/lunch/I-need-to-eat-so-tired!

We went home and I felt awesome once I made it up the hill that is a mile or so long. I kept telling myself once I’m at the top I can spin it out. Make it to the top- spin it out. Sweet! I did it! We made it home safely. No nap for L. But that’s ok we have to get ready to go now.

What a crazy, rather stressful day! But what I learned: Check tires BEFORE!!!! I go! Have some sort of patch kit in our bag that is attached to the WeeHoo.

Final total was close to 12.6 miles or so and 90 minutes RT(Filling tires with air takes a bit of time)!


Week 4, Day 3 and 4!

I kind of slacked last week with posting about my workouts… So I will try and catch up before this weeks workouts catch up to me!

Wednesday- I went to spin class and then ran 5ish minutes with Mar. Spin class was awesome! We got to ride at a 10! I wore my watch and HRM.  I would like to figure out what my target rates should be… I hit 162 as my highest. But I have no idea what that means. I will do some research and try to figure out what I should know.

Thursday- Rest day. Was hoping to run but it rained. But I guess I kind of ran… I ran through the rain to grab the train, then off the train to the bus, the bus to dinner, dinner to the bus, the bus to the train, and then the train back into school.

Friday- Swim. 100 W/u, 10X75 20 seconds rest, 100 C/d total 950yds. Swim was awesome 9 out of 10 75’s! I was clocking in 1:20-1:25 75’s! I like that I am feeling fast and feeling strong. I know I’m not quite that fast… But eh it’s a start!

Week 4 Day 5 was a doozy while it was happening but looking back it wasn’t that big a deal! See the next post for my recap!

Week 4, Day 1 and Day 2

I ran a 5k this weekend!!! It was awesome!

Hot Chocolate 5k/15k Dener

I felt pretty good while running. I figured out this year to wear a t-shirt and running tights and not anything more. Although it all worked out really well compared to last year- it was also way warmer than last year… Ok not way warmer but 5, 10, or 15 degrees makes a HUGE difference! I had music but no app going and I relied on my trusty Garmin to keep my pace and distance for me. The course was right on. I went wide a few turns and think I finished at 3.19 or something very close to that. My pace for the race sat somewhere around 9:30. I felt comfortable with that. Towards the end my legs were tired but my breathing didn’t feel really labored. I think my legs were tired because of nutrition and hydration issues. Once again I am going to fix those, just haven’t quite got there yet. I felt good and when I finished I was good with my time. I think I could’ve pushed it a little more at the end but I wasn’t sure my legs would hold out long enough for me to make it through the finish before dying. The main thing I need to remember is I need to stay injury free!

Monday I thought about going to Yoga but decided not to. I have been stressed with life lately and thought it would do me well. But instead I did a little homework and then just kind of walked aimlessly around the house. That was enough for me. Last night on my way to swim I was a bit worried that I am getting too stressed. So this morning I made a vow or promise to go with the flow and be happy. Things have been working themselves out one way or another. So in time the things that have been going on will workout…

Tuesday-Day 2

Swimming! My sister met me at the pool again. I kind of feel bad because I do my workout and then help her with our remaining time. She needs (a lot) of help. She is brand new to swimming strokes and side breathing as of this summer. I should and would like to help her get prepared for swim team. But I also am selfish and want to get my workout in.

Yesterday was 100 W/u, 10×75 30secs rest, 150ish c/d. I kind of messed around during my c/d but I went slow and did minimal work. My 75’s went well. I was hitting 80-85sec 75’s. Most I didn’t feel I was pushing myself to hard. In fact some felt effortless. A few of my flip turns were a bit silly. As in I couldn’t flip because I was too close to the wall or I choked on water… Eh it happens not to concerned 🙂

Friday is the same workout, except between the 75’s I have 20secs rest.

The two things I need to work on- Nutrition and my left arm stroke. I think it is my deltoid that is bothering me during some of my swims. I am trying to focus on my stroke, breathing, and body rotation. That’s it for now! I have spin today and a short run tomorrow, swim Friday, a longer run Saturday, and ride Sunday! All should go well!

Hot Chocolate Finishers! L-R: Bonnie, Me, Val, My Mom

Hot Chocolate Finishers! L-R: Bonnie, Me, Val, My Mom

Week 3, Day 2

I am liking this feeling of needing(It really is a want more than a need) to get in the pool to swim. I like that I get to swim in two different pools every week. I like that I didn’t have to share my lane this morning. Although I don’t mind- as long as they are kind and actually share the lane with me.

I swam 100 w/u – which actually felt pretty hard. I need to stretch more. After the w/u I did 10×75 30secs rest. I was on a time constraint and unable to do my c/d. But 850 is the most I’ve done so far! Just need to multiple this by 3 or so and I’ll be at appropriate yardage for a 1/2 IM. 🙂

I have plenty of time and I’m so happy I decided last month to start training. It has made swimming and spinning much easier and doable in the last few weeks.

I have a 5k race this weekend. Hoping to get a bike ride in tonight or tomorrow…. Weather and my child’s attitude are the deciding factors 🙂

Week 3, Day 1 (My first official Brick!)

I was not able to swim Tuesday night. I really wish I could have made it to the pool but my kiddo was sick and I didn’t want to bother anyone to babysit him. So I chose to not skip my swim but just go to the pool before spin on Wednesday.

BY THE WAY!!! I picked up the bike from my friend this past weekend… But again I have not yet had a chance to hop on it. This week has been a week from hell.

I did my 10X75 30secs rest. I was averaging 1:25 100’s which to me is good… A good starting point. Then out of the pool changed into my spin clothes and had 1 minute to spare once I pulled out the bike, set it up, and started spinning.

I killed it in spin class yesterday. I felt like a BA! I biked hard and upped my effort more than I ever have. I loved class and can’t wait to hop on a bike and go for a ride! My friend is also letting me borrow her WeeHoo so I’m hoping to put my kiddo in that and go ride on the weekends. I’m not sure if he’ll like it but I don’t have a bike trainer right now so spin class and biking on the weekends(all depends on good weather) with him are my two options.

I then ran 1/3 or so of a mile on the indoor track. I felt good. Hydration seemed right on, nutrition needs some work. Didn’t seem to effect me to much this time. But I know to get better I need to focus on that.

Tomorrow I have swim workout #5! 100 W/U, 10×75 20sec rest, 100 C/D. Total of 950! I like the idea of ‘multi-sport’ training because if the weather is crummy and I have a run planned I can go indoors and swim or spin. If the weather is nice I can go run or ride. This Winters Workouts seem DOABLE and FUN!

Week 2, Day 3

I started a new set of swim workouts yesterday(Friday). I am happily surprised at how well I am remembering things!! My workout was 10X75 30 seconds rest after each 75. I didn’t hate it and I was, again, very happy to get in and swim. I had a very short moment, when gathering my things for the day, of hesitation on getting in the pool. “Maybe I’ll just skip today?… NOOO I want to go swim why would I think that?” That was that and on my swim suit went. 🙂

10 more weeks of sprint distance training then I have planned to start a 27 week Half-Ironman training.

The swim workouts are going well right now. The only thing I wish was easier was remembering how many laps I’ve done. 🙂

Week 2, Day 2 aka Wednesday Spin Class

I want to go to my friends this weekend and pick up the bike she has offered to lend me. I am anxious to get on a real bike and pedal around town. I am signed up for the Half IM but I am still scared to death to ride round trip to my work. The one-way mileage is a whopping, 6.1 miles or 8.3 miles depending on the facility I go to, but that’s it. I haven’t been on a bike out of spin class in YEARS! But nonetheless I know I can ride a bike and I am confident that I can make it to work and back!

Spin class this week went well again. Still trying to figure out what my flat road, 6, 7, and 8(out of 10) on a hill are. I don’t want to wear myself down to early in the class but I also want to push it so I can get a good workout. What ever I’m doing- it’s working, my legs are tired when I get off the bike and I sweat an exorbitant amount 🙂

I promised myself that this weekend I would call Mar and GO PICK UP THE BIKE!!!!! (Hoping to go for a ride tomorrow morning 🙂 )

The training continues…Week 2, Day 1

I made it through another successful swim workout. Definitely getting back into the flow of swimming. I did 15X50 with 20secs rest. Each 50 was between 50-60secs long. Which to me feels sooo long but I am hitting them at about the same time every time so consistency is key right now!

Next up on my list of things to figure out is wether or not my stroke is ok. I have a few people at work I want to ask to watch me swim. Second thing to work on is my diet. It has not at all been on target. But that is something I have some time to work on. I know what I need to do… I just need to do it!

I’m happy to be back in the pool, even though I am slow, I really enjoy my swim workouts (right now). I’ve only had 4 so far… but the fact that I am more than willing to get in the pool even though I work 5 days a week at the pool and have to get in twice a week to teach. I love it!

Week 1 is done!!!

Week 1, Day 4!

I had a 10k race today. I ran with my mom and L. I pushed L in the stroller and by the end of it I think we had 50% tears and 50% happy, giggling, and talking from L. That was the longest I’ve ever pushed him before, I think, but it was an awesome feeling of accomplishment when I was done! It was slower than last years 10k, but only be two minutes. So I’ll take it! Today I am hoping to go pick up a bike from my friend, Mar. Just need to figure out if it’s going to fit in my car and then I need to buy a helmet!!!!!! Yay Tri-Training!

Week 1, Day 3!

Week 1, Day 3

I had no issues getting in the pool at 8am this morning after I dropped L off at daycare. In fact I was very excited to hop in… I may or may not have signed up for the Boulder Half Ironman in June 2015 last night…. Oops 😉

I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to hop in! I know these days won’t happen often so I am going to take advantage of the days when I want to hop right on in.

I did my 15 50’s :30 rest after each 50, for a total of 750yds. It took about 24mins. I was averaging 55 sec 50’s which feel slow but my arms still feel like logs in the pool. Hoping the next few weeks things start to feel good. No more log arms 🙂


267 Days to Go!