Week 6, Day 2 and 3 (Almost a week late!)

I did my two swim workouts last week. No running. No riding. I was too sore and I was too lazy to stretch. So I swam and that is it. This week is a new week thought… SO i’ll try to get two rides in, one more swim, and one run! Hoping the weather holds out one more week so I can get outside with Liam to run and bike with him!

Swim #1 Wednesday: 25 mins long. 100 w/u, 8X100 20 seconds rest, 50-100 c/d. I felt sluggish and blah Wednesday. Still in recovery mode.

Swim #2 Friday: 21 mins long. 100 w/u, 8X100 20 seconds rest, no c/d. I felt much better. The water on Fridays is also much cooler. 85-86* compared to a warm 80-90* on Tues/Weds. I enjoyed this swim and only cheated on one rest; I rested 30 instead of 20 :O

No Biking, riding, running over the weekend.

Liam and I did happen to walk around the zoo. When I say we walked I mean I carried him most of the time and he briefly walked. We lost our group and had no phone, keys, water, wallet, wagon… It sucked BUT I enjoyed it too. Too many people are more concerned about what kind of pictures they’re going to get of their kids or themselves or the animals then to really enjoy the animals. Next time we are going sans phone and unneeded items. But we did find out almost the hard way… diapers and wipes are a must! : )


Week 6, Day 1

I ran a half marathon yesterday(10/19). Oh boy am I sore!!! The race went sooo well!

I decided to start off with the 2:30 pace group. Another mom from MRTT was there and we decided start together. She was running naked so she stuck with me because I had my garmin. The first mile was 13:45 which made no sense because the wrist band they gave me said 11:41 or something like that. That was too slow for us so we went ahead of the 2:30 pace group. We ended up staying ahead of the group the entire race.


The 1/2 wiped me out last week. So tired. I swam twice and that’s it!

Anyways the 1/2 went mostly well. I had the need to use the potty while I was running, on-and-off, throughout the race from mile 4/5 to the finish. I would see the port-o-john and have no urgent need to go… I was going to PR and I wasn’t going to make a trip to the potty the reason why I didn’t PR.

I think ended up getting a stomach bug… or maybe I was dehydrated. I hydrated decently well during the race. But not so much the days leading up to the race. (Something I am going to get better at!)

Anyways without going into too much TMI it sucked for hours after the race. I am deemed the RDD AKA Race Day Driver. I am usually the most comfortable out of the three or four of us to drive downtown or where the race location is. I was feeling so awful I almost made my mom drive D8 ! Hehe but I drove and used the restaurant bathroom 3-4 times in the 35 mins we were there and continued to need to use our house potty the moment the urge came… blah!!! But we had mexican for dinner and I was feeling fine after that 🙂 SORRY for the TMI!!! But it happened and it’s important I write about it so when I am looking back and rereading this stuff I can laugh at myself and learn how to do things differently!

Next race is scheduled for 11/8 and 11/15 then I think I am race free until April/May/June!