It’s been too long since I posted!!!

It has definitely been quite sometime since I have been on here to post. I am happy to say that I only took a two week hiatus from training! I was horribly sick the week of Christmas and New Years. But got right back into the swing of things this last week.

I felt absolutely amazing getting into the pool last monday to swim. I swam 2000yds. Used fins, paddles, pool bouy. Everything seemed to be going really well. I wasn’t super slow- which totally surprised me! I hadn’t been in the pool for almost three weeks at that point. I swam again on Thursday. Just a quick 500 or so yards. I was sore from Tues and Weds and needed just a quick swim to stretch out 🙂

I finally made it to yoga on Tuesday!! It’s only taken like a year to get to a yoga class. It was hard and wonderful and super difficult and absolutely worth it 🙂 I left sore! But I knew that I was going for a run later on so I wasn’t going to let myself feel to sore 😉 I ran with Liam in the stroller and a friend from work. I felt amazing running. We had a warm front in that day. I think it was in the mid 40-50’s while we running. Sun was down but there was no wind!!!!! We did 3 miles in 35ish mins. Which was amazing too!!! After two weeks of almost non stop coughing I enjoyed the run with no coughing.

Wednesday I made it to the 60min spin class before work. It was tough but doable!

Friday I was walking out of the house to go warm up the car and I slipped and tweaked my knee up. I was supposed to run three miles, 1 of which was supposed to be a timed mile…. No running or swimming :/ I was upset that my knee hurt so bad. I didn’t even fall I just misstepped!! So I ate horrible and felt blah the rest of the day.

Saturday I woke up to my knee not being to sore! So about 4, once the sun had been up for awhile and had melted the remaining ice, I went up to the local park to attempt to run! I taped with RockTape beforehand just to be safe. My first mile was a decent pace at 10:33. Mile two felt good and strong but I didn’t think I was going to fast… according to my trusty watch that has never been wrong before I clocked in a 8:56 mile- my timed mile 🙂 Mile 3 was my w/d mile and I hit 10:44. I sent coach a text to let her know what my times were. And I also wanted to let her know that I should probably retest another day because I think my watch was broke or something… She said probably not 🙂 So I guess I ran an 8:56 mile!!!! Ahh that is absolutely crazy.

I have a coach for at least the next 6 months along with a local tri team membership. I am hoping between the two I can gain a lot of information and help to be successful this June at the big race 🙂

Hoping Triathlon racing sticks so I can see how far I can push myself :))

That’s all for now! I’ll have more time now to keep up with this and write out how things are going.


Week 7, Day 2 and 3

Wednesday was spin and Friday was swim.

Wednesday the power went out in the gym 10 mins before class started. My thoughts: “Eh I’m still going… Music or no music No big deal.” Spin started and I very quickly realized how much I rely on the fans. I had little idea that I actually (Read: NEED) enjoy the fans being on during class. I was a hot and sweaty mess within the first 15 mins. Power came on about 30 mins into class. It was a very heavy hill climbing class. I walked out with shaky legs- always a good workout in my books 🙂

Friday I hopped in the pool. Did my 100 warm up, 8X100 10 secs rest (only 2 I rested an extra few seconds), 200 with paddles, and 50 warm down. For a total of 1150. I felt mostly good during this workout.

NUTRITiON! I need to work on this. IT has sucked soooooo much the last month. I think my nutrition has negatively affected my last few workouts!!!

My goal for this month is to work on my nutrition. I will meal plan one or two times a week and prep meals twice a week. I will make an easy menu to follow with healthy alternatives to my cookies and milk every night. I need more protein in my diet as well as more iron and potassium. I will also take a multivitamin every day.

Week 5 Taper, kind of

I swam last wednesday. 10×75 20 seconds rest. It kind of sucked. But I finished it. I did 100 w/u and 50 c/d.

I was tapering this last week for my 1/2 marathon at the Denver Rock N Roll. Which I’ll post about it in my next post. I didn’t bike, run, or swim a second time.

Week 6 will be tough one! But I’ll get it done!

Week 3, Day 2

I am liking this feeling of needing(It really is a want more than a need) to get in the pool to swim. I like that I get to swim in two different pools every week. I like that I didn’t have to share my lane this morning. Although I don’t mind- as long as they are kind and actually share the lane with me.

I swam 100 w/u – which actually felt pretty hard. I need to stretch more. After the w/u I did 10×75 30secs rest. I was on a time constraint and unable to do my c/d. But 850 is the most I’ve done so far! Just need to multiple this by 3 or so and I’ll be at appropriate yardage for a 1/2 IM. 🙂

I have plenty of time and I’m so happy I decided last month to start training. It has made swimming and spinning much easier and doable in the last few weeks.

I have a 5k race this weekend. Hoping to get a bike ride in tonight or tomorrow…. Weather and my child’s attitude are the deciding factors 🙂

Week 3, Day 1 (My first official Brick!)

I was not able to swim Tuesday night. I really wish I could have made it to the pool but my kiddo was sick and I didn’t want to bother anyone to babysit him. So I chose to not skip my swim but just go to the pool before spin on Wednesday.

BY THE WAY!!! I picked up the bike from my friend this past weekend… But again I have not yet had a chance to hop on it. This week has been a week from hell.

I did my 10X75 30secs rest. I was averaging 1:25 100’s which to me is good… A good starting point. Then out of the pool changed into my spin clothes and had 1 minute to spare once I pulled out the bike, set it up, and started spinning.

I killed it in spin class yesterday. I felt like a BA! I biked hard and upped my effort more than I ever have. I loved class and can’t wait to hop on a bike and go for a ride! My friend is also letting me borrow her WeeHoo so I’m hoping to put my kiddo in that and go ride on the weekends. I’m not sure if he’ll like it but I don’t have a bike trainer right now so spin class and biking on the weekends(all depends on good weather) with him are my two options.

I then ran 1/3 or so of a mile on the indoor track. I felt good. Hydration seemed right on, nutrition needs some work. Didn’t seem to effect me to much this time. But I know to get better I need to focus on that.

Tomorrow I have swim workout #5! 100 W/U, 10×75 20sec rest, 100 C/D. Total of 950! I like the idea of ‘multi-sport’ training because if the weather is crummy and I have a run planned I can go indoors and swim or spin. If the weather is nice I can go run or ride. This Winters Workouts seem DOABLE and FUN!

Week 2, Day 2 aka Wednesday Spin Class

I want to go to my friends this weekend and pick up the bike she has offered to lend me. I am anxious to get on a real bike and pedal around town. I am signed up for the Half IM but I am still scared to death to ride round trip to my work. The one-way mileage is a whopping, 6.1 miles or 8.3 miles depending on the facility I go to, but that’s it. I haven’t been on a bike out of spin class in YEARS! But nonetheless I know I can ride a bike and I am confident that I can make it to work and back!

Spin class this week went well again. Still trying to figure out what my flat road, 6, 7, and 8(out of 10) on a hill are. I don’t want to wear myself down to early in the class but I also want to push it so I can get a good workout. What ever I’m doing- it’s working, my legs are tired when I get off the bike and I sweat an exorbitant amount 🙂

I promised myself that this weekend I would call Mar and GO PICK UP THE BIKE!!!!! (Hoping to go for a ride tomorrow morning 🙂 )

A slight change in what I’m going to post about :)

Rather than JUST talk about the totally awesome adventures that L and I go on- I am going to track my tri-training here! I am pumped about training for a few [more than 1??! YES! Why Not?] tri’s next summer. I guess I’m looking to find something I’m good at. I also want to find something I can do in the dead of winter. Running outside in the freezing cold is just not something I’ve liked doing in the past. I’m hoping this chilly winter season can be different. I’m determined to be active each week and follow my training plan(s).

I say plan(s) because the first one I’m following is for a sprint distance. The second will either be a duathlon runner to biker plan OR an olympic distance 12-week plan. After that I would really like to amp up training in the spring and train using a 70.3 Ironman training plan.

I’m hoping to document my experience every stroke, pedal, and step of the way…

Come join me!

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