Week 8, Day 3

Ok I’m so late on posting!!! But better late than never!! I ran a 5k 11/8.

The weather was great and I pushed Liam. We made it in 32:44! The first 1.7 miles was uphill. 😦 Yeah pushing a stroller up the hill and not having the best uphill legs it sucked. I walked a bit up the hill. But going down was AWESOME!!! The only thing I’m bummer about is the fact that our stroller back wheels get ridiculously shakey if I start going to fast. This is totally awesome when I’m trying to pace myself during a practice run. But during a race it is awful. I love downhills and do great at them!!!! (Remembering back to Ragnar Colorado this past summer- my 10.5 miles down Vail pass was AWESOME!!!! I felt so free. I’ve never felt like that before on a run. I’ve gotten close. But 10.5 downhill was amazing!!!)

Shakey wheels or not I’m happy with my effort and time!!!


Week 6, Day 1

I ran a half marathon yesterday(10/19). Oh boy am I sore!!! The race went sooo well!

I decided to start off with the 2:30 pace group. Another mom from MRTT was there and we decided start together. She was running naked so she stuck with me because I had my garmin. The first mile was 13:45 which made no sense because the wrist band they gave me said 11:41 or something like that. That was too slow for us so we went ahead of the 2:30 pace group. We ended up staying ahead of the group the entire race.


The 1/2 wiped me out last week. So tired. I swam twice and that’s it!

Anyways the 1/2 went mostly well. I had the need to use the potty while I was running, on-and-off, throughout the race from mile 4/5 to the finish. I would see the port-o-john and have no urgent need to go… I was going to PR and I wasn’t going to make a trip to the potty the reason why I didn’t PR.

I think ended up getting a stomach bug… or maybe I was dehydrated. I hydrated decently well during the race. But not so much the days leading up to the race. (Something I am going to get better at!)

Anyways without going into too much TMI it sucked for hours after the race. I am deemed the RDD AKA Race Day Driver. I am usually the most comfortable out of the three or four of us to drive downtown or where the race location is. I was feeling so awful I almost made my mom drive D8 ! Hehe but I drove and used the restaurant bathroom 3-4 times in the 35 mins we were there and continued to need to use our house potty the moment the urge came… blah!!! But we had mexican for dinner and I was feeling fine after that 🙂 SORRY for the TMI!!! But it happened and it’s important I write about it so when I am looking back and rereading this stuff I can laugh at myself and learn how to do things differently!

Next race is scheduled for 11/8 and 11/15 then I think I am race free until April/May/June!

Week 4, Day 1 and Day 2

I ran a 5k this weekend!!! It was awesome!

Hot Chocolate 5k/15k Dener

I felt pretty good while running. I figured out this year to wear a t-shirt and running tights and not anything more. Although it all worked out really well compared to last year- it was also way warmer than last year… Ok not way warmer but 5, 10, or 15 degrees makes a HUGE difference! I had music but no app going and I relied on my trusty Garmin to keep my pace and distance for me. The course was right on. I went wide a few turns and think I finished at 3.19 or something very close to that. My pace for the race sat somewhere around 9:30. I felt comfortable with that. Towards the end my legs were tired but my breathing didn’t feel really labored. I think my legs were tired because of nutrition and hydration issues. Once again I am going to fix those, just haven’t quite got there yet. I felt good and when I finished I was good with my time. I think I could’ve pushed it a little more at the end but I wasn’t sure my legs would hold out long enough for me to make it through the finish before dying. The main thing I need to remember is I need to stay injury free!

Monday I thought about going to Yoga but decided not to. I have been stressed with life lately and thought it would do me well. But instead I did a little homework and then just kind of walked aimlessly around the house. That was enough for me. Last night on my way to swim I was a bit worried that I am getting too stressed. So this morning I made a vow or promise to go with the flow and be happy. Things have been working themselves out one way or another. So in time the things that have been going on will workout…

Tuesday-Day 2

Swimming! My sister met me at the pool again. I kind of feel bad because I do my workout and then help her with our remaining time. She needs (a lot) of help. She is brand new to swimming strokes and side breathing as of this summer. I should and would like to help her get prepared for swim team. But I also am selfish and want to get my workout in.

Yesterday was 100 W/u, 10×75 30secs rest, 150ish c/d. I kind of messed around during my c/d but I went slow and did minimal work. My 75’s went well. I was hitting 80-85sec 75’s. Most I didn’t feel I was pushing myself to hard. In fact some felt effortless. A few of my flip turns were a bit silly. As in I couldn’t flip because I was too close to the wall or I choked on water… Eh it happens not to concerned 🙂

Friday is the same workout, except between the 75’s I have 20secs rest.

The two things I need to work on- Nutrition and my left arm stroke. I think it is my deltoid that is bothering me during some of my swims. I am trying to focus on my stroke, breathing, and body rotation. That’s it for now! I have spin today and a short run tomorrow, swim Friday, a longer run Saturday, and ride Sunday! All should go well!

Hot Chocolate Finishers! L-R: Bonnie, Me, Val, My Mom

Hot Chocolate Finishers! L-R: Bonnie, Me, Val, My Mom

Week 1, Day 4!

I had a 10k race today. I ran with my mom and L. I pushed L in the stroller and by the end of it I think we had 50% tears and 50% happy, giggling, and talking from L. That was the longest I’ve ever pushed him before, I think, but it was an awesome feeling of accomplishment when I was done! It was slower than last years 10k, but only be two minutes. So I’ll take it! Today I am hoping to go pick up a bike from my friend, Mar. Just need to figure out if it’s going to fit in my car and then I need to buy a helmet!!!!!! Yay Tri-Training!