Week 7, Day 4

Yesterday was my first ride on my (NEW TO ME!!!) road bike.

The Stats:

18.91 Miles


12.8 avg mph

850 ft elevation

Being on this bike for the first time was difficult. The seat was not quite where I wanted it to be so I didn’t get the full power in my pedal strokes. I couldn’t figure out how to shift gears right away. I could but going down any hill I just coasted because I couldn’t get a high enough gear to pedal down it. Oh and my fingers hurt soo much! They were frozen the first 5 or so miles.

And then that damn snake at the very end…. I hate snakes with a firey heated passion. And it actually isn’t hate. It’s a phobia that is beyond a phobia. If there was a snake between my child and I… I can’t say that I would run towards my child. I would run the opposite direction and hope a nice bystander would help my child… It’s that bad. So needless to say that stupid bleeptiy bleeping DEAD snake on the side of the road had me in tears the last few miles of the ride.

BUT Overall I enjoyed myself. I am happy Mar and her husband were so helpful to help me get my bike ready. Mar also let me borrow a jacket of hers. I now want one just like it!

Dead snakes, sore arms, frozen fingers, short pedal strokes, wonky gear shifting. I loved (almost) every moment of it!


The training continues…Week 2, Day 1

I made it through another successful swim workout. Definitely getting back into the flow of swimming. I did 15X50 with 20secs rest. Each 50 was between 50-60secs long. Which to me feels sooo long but I am hitting them at about the same time every time so consistency is key right now!

Next up on my list of things to figure out is wether or not my stroke is ok. I have a few people at work I want to ask to watch me swim. Second thing to work on is my diet. It has not at all been on target. But that is something I have some time to work on. I know what I need to do… I just need to do it!

I’m happy to be back in the pool, even though I am slow, I really enjoy my swim workouts (right now). I’ve only had 4 so far… but the fact that I am more than willing to get in the pool even though I work 5 days a week at the pool and have to get in twice a week to teach. I love it!

Week 1 is done!!!

Week 1, Day 3!

Week 1, Day 3

I had no issues getting in the pool at 8am this morning after I dropped L off at daycare. In fact I was very excited to hop in… I may or may not have signed up for the Boulder Half Ironman in June 2015 last night…. Oops 😉

I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to hop in! I know these days won’t happen often so I am going to take advantage of the days when I want to hop right on in.

I did my 15 50’s :30 rest after each 50, for a total of 750yds. It took about 24mins. I was averaging 55 sec 50’s which feel slow but my arms still feel like logs in the pool. Hoping the next few weeks things start to feel good. No more log arms 🙂


267 Days to Go!