It’s been too long since I posted!!!

It has definitely been quite sometime since I have been on here to post. I am happy to say that I only took a two week hiatus from training! I was horribly sick the week of Christmas and New Years. But got right back into the swing of things this last week.

I felt absolutely amazing getting into the pool last monday to swim. I swam 2000yds. Used fins, paddles, pool bouy. Everything seemed to be going really well. I wasn’t super slow- which totally surprised me! I hadn’t been in the pool for almost three weeks at that point. I swam again on Thursday. Just a quick 500 or so yards. I was sore from Tues and Weds and needed just a quick swim to stretch out 🙂

I finally made it to yoga on Tuesday!! It’s only taken like a year to get to a yoga class. It was hard and wonderful and super difficult and absolutely worth it 🙂 I left sore! But I knew that I was going for a run later on so I wasn’t going to let myself feel to sore 😉 I ran with Liam in the stroller and a friend from work. I felt amazing running. We had a warm front in that day. I think it was in the mid 40-50’s while we running. Sun was down but there was no wind!!!!! We did 3 miles in 35ish mins. Which was amazing too!!! After two weeks of almost non stop coughing I enjoyed the run with no coughing.

Wednesday I made it to the 60min spin class before work. It was tough but doable!

Friday I was walking out of the house to go warm up the car and I slipped and tweaked my knee up. I was supposed to run three miles, 1 of which was supposed to be a timed mile…. No running or swimming :/ I was upset that my knee hurt so bad. I didn’t even fall I just misstepped!! So I ate horrible and felt blah the rest of the day.

Saturday I woke up to my knee not being to sore! So about 4, once the sun had been up for awhile and had melted the remaining ice, I went up to the local park to attempt to run! I taped with RockTape beforehand just to be safe. My first mile was a decent pace at 10:33. Mile two felt good and strong but I didn’t think I was going to fast… according to my trusty watch that has never been wrong before I clocked in a 8:56 mile- my timed mile 🙂 Mile 3 was my w/d mile and I hit 10:44. I sent coach a text to let her know what my times were. And I also wanted to let her know that I should probably retest another day because I think my watch was broke or something… She said probably not 🙂 So I guess I ran an 8:56 mile!!!! Ahh that is absolutely crazy.

I have a coach for at least the next 6 months along with a local tri team membership. I am hoping between the two I can gain a lot of information and help to be successful this June at the big race 🙂

Hoping Triathlon racing sticks so I can see how far I can push myself :))

That’s all for now! I’ll have more time now to keep up with this and write out how things are going.


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