Week 7, Day 2 and 3

Wednesday was spin and Friday was swim.

Wednesday the power went out in the gym 10 mins before class started. My thoughts: “Eh I’m still going… Music or no music No big deal.” Spin started and I very quickly realized how much I rely on the fans. I had little idea that I actually (Read: NEED) enjoy the fans being on during class. I was a hot and sweaty mess within the first 15 mins. Power came on about 30 mins into class. It was a very heavy hill climbing class. I walked out with shaky legs- always a good workout in my books 🙂

Friday I hopped in the pool. Did my 100 warm up, 8X100 10 secs rest (only 2 I rested an extra few seconds), 200 with paddles, and 50 warm down. For a total of 1150. I felt mostly good during this workout.

NUTRITiON! I need to work on this. IT has sucked soooooo much the last month. I think my nutrition has negatively affected my last few workouts!!!

My goal for this month is to work on my nutrition. I will meal plan one or two times a week and prep meals twice a week. I will make an easy menu to follow with healthy alternatives to my cookies and milk every night. I need more protein in my diet as well as more iron and potassium. I will also take a multivitamin every day.


One thought on “Week 7, Day 2 and 3

  1. Glad to read (a bit behind time sorry) that you’re still going! I lost my mojo for a while but I think I’m back on it now! I totally agree with your comment about nutrition. I’m working hard on it at the moment as I feel like it has a major impact on everything in my life! Keep up the good work!

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