Week 3, Day 1 (My first official Brick!)

I was not able to swim Tuesday night. I really wish I could have made it to the pool but my kiddo was sick and I didn’t want to bother anyone to babysit him. So I chose to not skip my swim but just go to the pool before spin on Wednesday.

BY THE WAY!!! I picked up the bike from my friend this past weekend… But again I have not yet had a chance to hop on it. This week has been a week from hell.

I did my 10X75 30secs rest. I was averaging 1:25 100’s which to me is good… A good starting point. Then out of the pool changed into my spin clothes and had 1 minute to spare once I pulled out the bike, set it up, and started spinning.

I killed it in spin class yesterday. I felt like a BA! I biked hard and upped my effort more than I ever have. I loved class and can’t wait to hop on a bike and go for a ride! My friend is also letting me borrow her WeeHoo so I’m hoping to put my kiddo in that and go ride on the weekends. I’m not sure if he’ll like it but I don’t have a bike trainer right now so spin class and biking on the weekends(all depends on good weather) with him are my two options.

I then ran 1/3 or so of a mile on the indoor track. I felt good. Hydration seemed right on, nutrition needs some work. Didn’t seem to effect me to much this time. But I know to get better I need to focus on that.

Tomorrow I have swim workout #5! 100 W/U, 10×75 20sec rest, 100 C/D. Total of 950! I like the idea of ‘multi-sport’ training because if the weather is crummy and I have a run planned I can go indoors and swim or spin. If the weather is nice I can go run or ride. This Winters Workouts seem DOABLE and FUN!


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