A slight change in what I’m going to post about :)

Rather than JUST talk about the totally awesome adventures that L and I go on- I am going to track my tri-training here! I am pumped about training for a few [more than 1??! YES! Why Not?] tri’s next summer. I guess I’m looking to find something I’m good at. I also want to find something I can do in the dead of winter. Running outside in the freezing cold is just not something I’ve liked doing in the past. I’m hoping this chilly winter season can be different. I’m determined to be active each week and follow my training plan(s).

I say plan(s) because the first one I’m following is for a sprint distance. The second will either be a duathlon runner to biker plan OR an olympic distance 12-week plan. After that I would really like to amp up training in the spring and train using a 70.3 Ironman training plan.

I’m hoping to document my experience every stroke, pedal, and step of the way…

Come join me!

#tritraining #whatwasIthinking #excitedtotrysomethingnew #whynot


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