It’s been too long since I posted!!!

It has definitely been quite sometime since I have been on here to post. I am happy to say that I only took a two week hiatus from training! I was horribly sick the week of Christmas and New Years. But got right back into the swing of things this last week.

I felt absolutely amazing getting into the pool last monday to swim. I swam 2000yds. Used fins, paddles, pool bouy. Everything seemed to be going really well. I wasn’t super slow- which totally surprised me! I hadn’t been in the pool for almost three weeks at that point. I swam again on Thursday. Just a quick 500 or so yards. I was sore from Tues and Weds and needed just a quick swim to stretch out 🙂

I finally made it to yoga on Tuesday!! It’s only taken like a year to get to a yoga class. It was hard and wonderful and super difficult and absolutely worth it 🙂 I left sore! But I knew that I was going for a run later on so I wasn’t going to let myself feel to sore 😉 I ran with Liam in the stroller and a friend from work. I felt amazing running. We had a warm front in that day. I think it was in the mid 40-50’s while we running. Sun was down but there was no wind!!!!! We did 3 miles in 35ish mins. Which was amazing too!!! After two weeks of almost non stop coughing I enjoyed the run with no coughing.

Wednesday I made it to the 60min spin class before work. It was tough but doable!

Friday I was walking out of the house to go warm up the car and I slipped and tweaked my knee up. I was supposed to run three miles, 1 of which was supposed to be a timed mile…. No running or swimming :/ I was upset that my knee hurt so bad. I didn’t even fall I just misstepped!! So I ate horrible and felt blah the rest of the day.

Saturday I woke up to my knee not being to sore! So about 4, once the sun had been up for awhile and had melted the remaining ice, I went up to the local park to attempt to run! I taped with RockTape beforehand just to be safe. My first mile was a decent pace at 10:33. Mile two felt good and strong but I didn’t think I was going to fast… according to my trusty watch that has never been wrong before I clocked in a 8:56 mile- my timed mile 🙂 Mile 3 was my w/d mile and I hit 10:44. I sent coach a text to let her know what my times were. And I also wanted to let her know that I should probably retest another day because I think my watch was broke or something… She said probably not 🙂 So I guess I ran an 8:56 mile!!!! Ahh that is absolutely crazy.

I have a coach for at least the next 6 months along with a local tri team membership. I am hoping between the two I can gain a lot of information and help to be successful this June at the big race 🙂

Hoping Triathlon racing sticks so I can see how far I can push myself :))

That’s all for now! I’ll have more time now to keep up with this and write out how things are going.


Week 9, Day 1 and 2

So I totally have stunk at working out and posting on here!!! Trying to get back into the groove of things!

Last week I skipped swimming Tuesday evening. It was our first snow and was icy cold outside. A good excuse that night. But with winter approaching not a very valid excuse. The roads weren’t that bad…

I swam Wednesday. I felt lazy so getting in the pool was almost a struggle. But I just did it. I am glad I just did it!!! It was time to focus on swimming 750yards non stop! I did it!! 16:45 was my total time. I did a quick 50yd warm down and that was that.

Thursday I have yet to run or do anything on this day. I considered going to the gym to do something because Liam and I were stuck at home all day. He was sick Wednesday afternoon at school so I chose for us to stay home. I ended up not doing anything though 😦

Friday I swam again. This time 750 yards in 15:15. I think I may have missed a 50 in there. I got a little confused at 350/400 yards and then again at 600/650. But eh either way 15:15 is better than 16:45!

This weekend I didn’t go out. We have had weather in the low 1-5* range up to 35*. A little chilly for a bike ride and too lazy to bundle up.

I am hoping for a no excuses winter of running. All up to me and I’m the only one that can do that!!!

That’s all for week 9!

Week 8, Day 3

Ok I’m so late on posting!!! But better late than never!! I ran a 5k 11/8.

The weather was great and I pushed Liam. We made it in 32:44! The first 1.7 miles was uphill. 😦 Yeah pushing a stroller up the hill and not having the best uphill legs it sucked. I walked a bit up the hill. But going down was AWESOME!!! The only thing I’m bummer about is the fact that our stroller back wheels get ridiculously shakey if I start going to fast. This is totally awesome when I’m trying to pace myself during a practice run. But during a race it is awful. I love downhills and do great at them!!!! (Remembering back to Ragnar Colorado this past summer- my 10.5 miles down Vail pass was AWESOME!!!! I felt so free. I’ve never felt like that before on a run. I’ve gotten close. But 10.5 downhill was amazing!!!)

Shakey wheels or not I’m happy with my effort and time!!!

Week 8, Day 1 and 2

I was kind of lazy this week. I’ve lost a tiny bit of motivation. This is going to sound corny but I need to hop on pinterest and find some quotes or stuff to get me going again 🙂

I skipped my swim on Tuesday and had no desire to go before or after spin class on Wednesday. :/

I had some dental work done on Wednesday morning and totally did not want to go to spin class after that. But I did. It was ok. I didn’t eat much before the class so I was weak and totally felt like blahhhh. I struggled.

I know that sometimes that happens. It just hasn’t happened like that yet.

I swam this morning. I made sure I made 2:00 100’s with 10 seconds rest. That was it. I was tired and it felt good. Most of my frustrations from this morning were gone within that 23 minutes. 100 w/u 8×100’s 10 secs rest and no c/d.

I have a 5k tomorrow. Except my knee hurts a bit today. I think I’ll try and tape it. I was hoping to run a PR tomorrow or close to it. But I think I might take it easy and just push L in the stroller.

That’s it for now. Getting quotes and motivation together. I’ll print some off.


Week 7, Day 2 and 3

Wednesday was spin and Friday was swim.

Wednesday the power went out in the gym 10 mins before class started. My thoughts: “Eh I’m still going… Music or no music No big deal.” Spin started and I very quickly realized how much I rely on the fans. I had little idea that I actually (Read: NEED) enjoy the fans being on during class. I was a hot and sweaty mess within the first 15 mins. Power came on about 30 mins into class. It was a very heavy hill climbing class. I walked out with shaky legs- always a good workout in my books 🙂

Friday I hopped in the pool. Did my 100 warm up, 8X100 10 secs rest (only 2 I rested an extra few seconds), 200 with paddles, and 50 warm down. For a total of 1150. I felt mostly good during this workout.

NUTRITiON! I need to work on this. IT has sucked soooooo much the last month. I think my nutrition has negatively affected my last few workouts!!!

My goal for this month is to work on my nutrition. I will meal plan one or two times a week and prep meals twice a week. I will make an easy menu to follow with healthy alternatives to my cookies and milk every night. I need more protein in my diet as well as more iron and potassium. I will also take a multivitamin every day.

Week 7, Day 4

Yesterday was my first ride on my (NEW TO ME!!!) road bike.

The Stats:

18.91 Miles


12.8 avg mph

850 ft elevation

Being on this bike for the first time was difficult. The seat was not quite where I wanted it to be so I didn’t get the full power in my pedal strokes. I couldn’t figure out how to shift gears right away. I could but going down any hill I just coasted because I couldn’t get a high enough gear to pedal down it. Oh and my fingers hurt soo much! They were frozen the first 5 or so miles.

And then that damn snake at the very end…. I hate snakes with a firey heated passion. And it actually isn’t hate. It’s a phobia that is beyond a phobia. If there was a snake between my child and I… I can’t say that I would run towards my child. I would run the opposite direction and hope a nice bystander would help my child… It’s that bad. So needless to say that stupid bleeptiy bleeping DEAD snake on the side of the road had me in tears the last few miles of the ride.

BUT Overall I enjoyed myself. I am happy Mar and her husband were so helpful to help me get my bike ready. Mar also let me borrow a jacket of hers. I now want one just like it!

Dead snakes, sore arms, frozen fingers, short pedal strokes, wonky gear shifting. I loved (almost) every moment of it!

Week 7!!!, Day 1

Tuesday Workout: 27mins 100 w/u, 8X100 10 seconds rest, 2×75 stroke drill, 50 c/d TOTAL: 1100

I felt amazing during this. My stroke still feels a bit weird. 10 seconds was enough time for me to clear my goggles out, put them back on, and push off.

I never really felt out of breath. Not until the the end when I sprint finished. I have been trying to get myself use to the feeling of alt. breathing and building my 100’s. Friday is a repeat of the same workout with an option to change the end if needed.

Next week, (I think!), is 800 yds no break. EEEK! The plan has called for doing a total of 500 so instead of 8×100 it should be 5×100 but each week I either did 750(50’s and 75’s) or 800(100’s). So I am going to swim the 800 next week instead of the 500. I might as well! It is definitely going to push me past my current limits. But that is what I need to do to get better. 800 yards is only about 38% of 1.2 miles!

Week 6, Day 2 and 3 (Almost a week late!)

I did my two swim workouts last week. No running. No riding. I was too sore and I was too lazy to stretch. So I swam and that is it. This week is a new week thought… SO i’ll try to get two rides in, one more swim, and one run! Hoping the weather holds out one more week so I can get outside with Liam to run and bike with him!

Swim #1 Wednesday: 25 mins long. 100 w/u, 8X100 20 seconds rest, 50-100 c/d. I felt sluggish and blah Wednesday. Still in recovery mode.

Swim #2 Friday: 21 mins long. 100 w/u, 8X100 20 seconds rest, no c/d. I felt much better. The water on Fridays is also much cooler. 85-86* compared to a warm 80-90* on Tues/Weds. I enjoyed this swim and only cheated on one rest; I rested 30 instead of 20 :O

No Biking, riding, running over the weekend.

Liam and I did happen to walk around the zoo. When I say we walked I mean I carried him most of the time and he briefly walked. We lost our group and had no phone, keys, water, wallet, wagon… It sucked BUT I enjoyed it too. Too many people are more concerned about what kind of pictures they’re going to get of their kids or themselves or the animals then to really enjoy the animals. Next time we are going sans phone and unneeded items. But we did find out almost the hard way… diapers and wipes are a must! : )

Week 6, Day 1

I ran a half marathon yesterday(10/19). Oh boy am I sore!!! The race went sooo well!

I decided to start off with the 2:30 pace group. Another mom from MRTT was there and we decided start together. She was running naked so she stuck with me because I had my garmin. The first mile was 13:45 which made no sense because the wrist band they gave me said 11:41 or something like that. That was too slow for us so we went ahead of the 2:30 pace group. We ended up staying ahead of the group the entire race.


The 1/2 wiped me out last week. So tired. I swam twice and that’s it!

Anyways the 1/2 went mostly well. I had the need to use the potty while I was running, on-and-off, throughout the race from mile 4/5 to the finish. I would see the port-o-john and have no urgent need to go… I was going to PR and I wasn’t going to make a trip to the potty the reason why I didn’t PR.

I think ended up getting a stomach bug… or maybe I was dehydrated. I hydrated decently well during the race. But not so much the days leading up to the race. (Something I am going to get better at!)

Anyways without going into too much TMI it sucked for hours after the race. I am deemed the RDD AKA Race Day Driver. I am usually the most comfortable out of the three or four of us to drive downtown or where the race location is. I was feeling so awful I almost made my mom drive D8 ! Hehe but I drove and used the restaurant bathroom 3-4 times in the 35 mins we were there and continued to need to use our house potty the moment the urge came… blah!!! But we had mexican for dinner and I was feeling fine after that 🙂 SORRY for the TMI!!! But it happened and it’s important I write about it so when I am looking back and rereading this stuff I can laugh at myself and learn how to do things differently!

Next race is scheduled for 11/8 and 11/15 then I think I am race free until April/May/June!

Week 5 Taper, kind of

I swam last wednesday. 10×75 20 seconds rest. It kind of sucked. But I finished it. I did 100 w/u and 50 c/d.

I was tapering this last week for my 1/2 marathon at the Denver Rock N Roll. Which I’ll post about it in my next post. I didn’t bike, run, or swim a second time.

Week 6 will be tough one! But I’ll get it done!